torsdag den 6. august 2009

The Experiment - Day 3

Okay, today (August 4th) has been off for me... For a while me and a sub of mine has discussed dollification, so today I "fell in" and began the transformation process, starting with boot training.

But it has made me think.
I never joined SecondLife because of the BDSM community there, infact I had no idea there even was a such thing. So I didnt join it because of the visual benefits you'd get, compared to IRC i.e. I imagine some LifeStylers joined SL exactly because of the visual advantages. And so that also started me wondering "Why not make use of these things". One of my subs told me the other day that she wants it to be even more extreme in SL than in RL, for her to "feel" it better.
But the experiment is: Can I be a dominant in SL without making use of BDSM related scripted toys or tools?
So far I still believe that, yes, I can. If I werent able to, would I be a true dom?
Tools such as RLV is something people havnt always had in SL, and they got by just fine. And the toys, as Corvan comented in another blog, has nothing to do with being dominant, it has to do with placing a person in bondage. Of course it's a part of a D/s relationship - to many at least - but not something that is required to keep a D/s relationship flowing smoothly.

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